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Cut-off (electronics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The transition from normal conduction to cut-off can be more or less sharp, depending on the type . Explanation of remote-cutoff control grids in vacuum tubes.

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Stones Playing Cards, great gift idea
Stones Playing Cards, great gift idea

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Pentode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Often in the European valve naming scheme for pentodes an even number indicated a sharp-cutoff device while odd indicated remote-cutoff; the EF37 was an .

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Antique Radio Forums • View topic - Sharp Cutoff Octal RF Pentode?
The sharp cutoff version of 6SK7 is 6SJ7 but this requires rewiring. Agree with Johnnysan, why not get a 6J7? You could try a 6K7, remote cutoff, until you get the .

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whale sharks in playa del carmen: remote cutoff sharp cutoff - Henge in Scotland in Fife

Submitted by iriana avila from riverside ca on Friday, 05 December 2003  Page Views: 8098
substance abuse is available Site Name: remote cutoff sharp cutoff
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Figure 2-8.—Grid operation in a remote-cutoff tube
2-8 Figure 2-8.—Grid operation in a remote-cutoff tube. In view B, the control grid is at zero potential (0 volts). Just as in the sharp-cutoff tube, electrons leave the .

4Almost Perfect
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1Pretty much destroyed, possibly visible as crop marks

SHARP CUTOFF PENTODES. In order to keep this list from being too long it has been restricted to sharp cutoff pentodes only. Remote and semi-remote cutoff .

-1Completely destroyed
3 Ambience:
2Not Good

Gm. Rp. Base Type. Note. 1DN5. Semi-Remote Cutoff Pentode/Diode. F. 1.4. 50 mA. -. N. A.. 67.5. 67.5. 630. 600 k. 7 Pin Mini. 1S5. Sharp Cutoff Pentode/Diode .

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Organ Service Corporation - Vacuum Tubes
VISA Card. Call for Prices. Tube Type, Description.

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5co-ordinates taken by GPS or official recorded co-ordinates
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remote cutoff sharp cutoff submitted by free biblical clipart borders
Henge in Fife

Audio Synthesis via Vacuum Tubes
Moreover, this folding is not sharp, as in the famed Serge "waveshaper" circuit of . Although there were plenty of remote-cutoff tubes made for radio AGC use, .

570 14»4. Tetrodes and Pentodes.—Tetrodes and pentodes are most ...
on the basis of their cutoff characteristics into sharp-cutoff and remote- cutoff types. . Sharp-cutoff pentodes are listed in Table 19 and remote- and semi- .

Tubes With 2.0 volt DC Filaments and Directly Heated Cathodes ...
32 Sharp-cutoff tetrode - Early versions numbered UX-232. 33 Power pentode - Early versions numbered UX-233. 34 Remote-cutoff tetrode - Early versions .

R-390 Reflector March '06 In Process
the i.f. 6BJ6's, since a 6BJ6 is remote cutoff and the 6BH6 is sharp cutoff. But will one replacement as I have done really matter much? I'll do one more search for .

Application Guide
RCA Industrial Receiving-Type Tube. Application Guide. Remote-Cutoff P entode s. '.5749. Sh orp-Cutoff Teirode. High-Mu Triode - -7895. UHF. Sharp-Cutoff .

vacuum tube Spice 3f4 models
*control grid Bgs2 gs2 0 V=(V(gsg))^1.45 *screen grid (sharp cutoff) Bgs3 gs3 0 . *Vacuum Tube pentode (assumes K tied to g3) (radio freq. remote cutoff, 1 of 2 .

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remote cutoff sharp cutoff submitted by creating an annotated bibliography

"Li'l 4x4" Compressor Option
The remote-cutoff pentodes appear to be much more microphonic than sharp cutoff pentodes such as the 6AU6 family. The required control voltage is quite high, .

remote cutoff sharp cutoff submitted by karta over foss map

Mercenary Audio - Manley All Tube Variable Mu Limiter Compressor
The tubes that do this well are called "Remote Shutoff" tubes, the tubes that do not do this well are called "sharp cutoff" tubes. There is a wonderful thread on this .

remote cutoff sharp cutoff submitted by rich poor in us

Hot rodding AA5 radios
The 12SG7 is a semi-remote cutoff pentode with almost twice the . that usually does the local oscillator, it's sharp cutoff) and AVC applied to G3 to vary the gain.

remote cutoff sharp cutoff from East submitted by 4l60 e transmission diagnosis

remote cutoff sharp cutoff from SE submitted by three trading cities of indian ocean

remote cutoff sharp cutoff submitted by self sticking mirror tile

Replacement Light Bulbs-Photo Light Bulbs-Discontinued and hard ...
. these items is limited to the quantities listed below. Item. Price .

Hitachi Receiving Tubes
1S5 Sharp Cutoff Pentode 18-2 F 1.4 0.05 Class A Ampli?er. 1T4 Remote Cutoff Pentode 18-2 F 1.4 0.05 Class A Ampli?er. 1U4 Sharp Cutoff Pentode 18-2 F 1.4 .

remote cutoff sharp cutoff submitted by used power generation plant
Looking west across the henge

remote cutoff sharp cutoff submitted by cannot remove cigarette lighter 2003 vibe

vacuum tube prices and availability from 6ab4-6dz7.

granco: Granco-AM Modulator/transmitter.
Oct 17, 2009 . (use 6BY6 or similar with sharp cutoff, as described by Jacob in the next . This grid has a remote cutoff characteristic because it is normally .

The alternative to "remote cut-off" valve is a "sharp cut-off" device. Audio valves are "sharp cut-off" types; which means that the Vg/Ia characteristic is made as .

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Remote Cutoff Tube - DiracDelta Science & Engineering Encyclopedia
Remote Cutoff Tube - Science and Engineering Encyclopedia. . See also: Sharp Cutoff Tube. Previous Page View links to and from this page Next Page .

 360m E 110° god with us chord mercy me* Stone Circle (NO285029)

Building Notes for Tube Type Regenerative Radios
In the case of a grid leak style detector, it doesn't matter if the tube is a sharp or remote cutoff type. The grid always operates at around zero voltage anyway, .

russian numbering system - Jogis Roehrenbude
sharp-cutoff pentode (Spanngitter). A. A mixing tubes with two signal grids ( Mehrgitter) . remote-cutoff pentode (Regelröhren?) B. P power tetrode/pentode. C. R .

It uses remote-cutoff pentodes and one of those notorious . The overdrive tubes in the HAPPY channel can be almost any sharp-cutoff pentode. 6AU6s or .

Part 17 Philco 16B. Inching forward. - YouTube
Oct 22, 2009 . So that's a Sharp-Cutoff Pentode in the 2nd IF position, instead of a Remote Cutoff Pentode. The Sharp-Cutoff Pentode is used as a biased .

Compactron Tubes: A Junkbox Guide
. Pentode + Beam Power Pentode. 6AR11, 12DM, Semi-remote Cutoff Twin Pentode. 6AS11, 12DP, Hi-Mu Triode + Medium-Mu Triode + Sharp Cutoff Pentode .

Adam's Amplifiers: Subminiature
Jan 5, 2006 . 5840, Sharp Cutoff Pentode, 0.15, 5K, 1300, 260K, 1.1, 5840 · 5840. 5899, Remote Cutoff Pentode, 0.15, 2.5K, 650, 260K, 5899 · 5899 .

Sheet1 - K5KTF

OTB - The Vacuum Tube, The Acorn Tube
The 955 was accompanied by the 954 sharp-cutoff pentode. The 956, a 954 with new grid to give remote-cutoff action, arrived in 1936. These were 6.3-volt .

811A tube
I plotted the plate current with various bias voltages at this page 811A tubes . Tubes with sharper cutoff have the problem, while tubes with more remote cutoff do .

AM/FM tuner amplifier
Instead of the 6AV6 preamp, I decided to try a VR100 (remote cut off G style pentode . these valves is that the 6J7 is sharp cut off and the 6K7 is remote cut off.

Sphere's Vacuum Tube Page
Octal-based metal tubes, sharp-cutoff Pentode, Class A amplifier, fully tested. . National and others Popular receiving tube, Remote Cut-off RF Pentode. Tested .

Chapter 16: Volume Expansion, Compression and Limiting
of 0.5 volt (Ref. 62). The input signal is applied to the remote cut-o?“ grid (No. 1) here operated at ?xed bias, and the control voltage is applied to the sharp cut-off .

Dictionary of Electronic and Engineering Terms. Dictionary letter 'Ser'
Sharp-Cutoff Tube. The opposite of a remote-cutoff tube. An electron tube that has evenly spaced grid wires. The amplification of the sharp-cutoff tube is limited .

Eric's Electrical Workshop - Vintage Radio Valves / Tubes for Sale
TYPE. DESCRIPTION. Manufacturer, Qty. Status, Price.

6BZ6 datasheet and application note, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross ...
. 6BZ6 3BZ6 ET-T971A 10-56 DESCRIPTION RATING 6BZ6 miniature semi- remote-cutoff . 4AU6 miniature, sharp-cutoff pentode designed primarily high- gain .

Radio Rodeo - The place to find old radio tubes of all types
24A Sharp-Cutoff Tetrode Globe Shape . 35 / 51 Remote Cutoff Tetrode ST Shape. Price is for a Single Tube. NOS-35-51 $3.95. 39 / 44 Remote Cutoff Pentode .

GLOWBUGS V1 #101 via AB4EL Web Digests @ SunSITE
I have found only 3 low voltage tubes so far: EF97 remote cutoff pentode EF98 sharp cutoff pentode ECH83 triode and pentagrid converter Characteristic data is .

Two Digit Types From 1 to 100
Apr 5, 2012 . 57 Sharp cutoff RF pentode. The 6C6 is the 6.3V version. 58 Remote cutoff RF pentode. The 6D6 is the 6.3V version. 59 Power pentode.

Vacuum Tubes 6S4A - 6X8A Electronic Radio TV Thermionic Valves ...
Mar 21, 2012 . 6SH7 · Sharp-Cutoff Pentode - Metal Tube, 1, RCA. 6SJ7 · Sharp-Cutoff Pentode - Metal Tube, 1, RCA. 6SK7 · Remote-Cutoff Pentode - Metal .

rf gain pot in the cathode circuit and a tube choice question.
Feb 10, 2012 . A sharp-cutoff tube like a 6AU6 would be my last choice the RF stage. . Which is why 'variable mu' or 'remote cut off' tubes were introduced.;wap2

6BE6 volume control
The input audio is fed to grid 1 (which has a sharp cutoff curve, see below). A control voltage is applied to grid 3 (which has a remote cutoff curve, also see .

RF Filters
UCrypt Remote Video Monitoring · RF & L-Band Signal . Models BWl-9050 and BWH-9060 are extremely sharp cutoff, low and highpass filters. They are .

There were a few remote cutoff tubes designed before the GE-6386, but this tube . Conventional sharp-cutoff tubes tended to operate with substantially more .

sharp-cutoff tube: Definition from
sharp-cutoff tube ( shrp ¦kdf tb ) ( electronics ) An electron tube in which the control-grid openings are unifor. . What Universal remote works with sharp tube TV?

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  • Tetroden und Pentoden - Tetrodes and Pentodes
    Feb 7, 2010 . HF94, 12AU6, 12.6, 0.15, 3.0, 7BK M38, 8.5, Sharp-Cutoff Pentode = RF/IF/AF . Oc-7E1A, Remote-Cutoff Tetrode = Radio-Frequency Amplifier .

  • EF86 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The EF86 is a high transconductance sharp cutoff pentode vacuum tube with Noval . is a remote-cutoff pentode otherwise similar to the EF86; the remote cutoff .

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    total pro digital review
    "remote cutoff sharp cutoff" | honolulu aquarium underwater photography | 3 News and Comments

    Gardco DSP Designer Spotlight Brochure
    remote sign lighting and even small area lighting. Over the past . provides sharp cutoff to the lamp . or remote above-ground ballast compartments. These are .

    what you got in there kid
    Re: remote cutoff sharp cutoff (Score: 1)
    by DrewParsons on Friday, 15 October 2010
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    Comet Pro
    The screen-grid tubes have been replaced by the latest RF pentodes, sharp- cutoff 57's in the mixer and detector and remote-cutoff 58's in the other locations.

    Vacuum tube
    Sequence number: If this is even on a signal pentode or tetrode, the tube is a sharp cutoff type. Odd numbers designate a remote-cutoff type tube. Sources: .

    Pre-Octals Octals Loktals and Minis Type Description Voltage Pins ...
    Commonly Used Radio Tubes. Type. Base. Voltage General. Purpose. Triodes. Sharp-Cutoff. Tetrodes &. Pentodes. Remote-Cutoff. Tetrodes &. Pentodes .

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    Re: remote cutoff sharp cutoff (Score: 1)
    by coldrum on Friday, 16 April 2010
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    Re: remote cutoff sharp cutoff (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, 21 June 2006

    AL811 Reliability Mods
    Tubes with sharper cutoff have the problem, while tubes with more remote cutoff do not. Link to AL811 recommended field modification. Modification to AL811H .

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    Detecting Cuts in Sensor Networks
    Virtual "eyes and ears" for remote monitoring. Motivation. Operational . Such a sharp cutoff requires at least n/2 detection nodes. Our Result: A detection set of .

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    Fresnel Technologies' Optical Materials
    POLY IR® 6 material is a visible light filtering, infrared–transmitting material with a sharp cutoff in transmittance at about 780 nm. Physical properties of Fresnel .

    Sep 17, 2006 . 1AD5, 8-lead Subminiature T-3, 1.25VDC, 40mA, Sharp-Cutoff Pentode . Diode and Remote-Cutoff Pentode (F), Detector and IF Amplifier .

    History of the American Vacuum Tube research paper, Engineering ...
    To further improve the receiver, a remote cut off pentode could be used. in the If amplifier so the If . gain tube ("sharp cutoff") would. Yes, these remote cutoff .

    Tube numbering
    Home · Up. Frequently, questions are asked about Vacuum .

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    6DJ8, EF86, 6 Volt - Preamp Tubes |
    Items 1 - 30 of 44 . 6DJ8, EF86, 6 Volt tubes available. Read our reviews or we'll .

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    Microwave Bursts of Solar Radio Emission
    Therefore, the Type II burst has a high frequency sharp cut-off at about 600 Mc for the second harmonic and at about 300 Mc for the fundamental wave.

    Number Type Quantity Manufacturer Equivalent Dissipation Notes ...
    3HS8, Sharp Cutoff Twin Pentode, 1, 19/7/2005 Zenith . 6SK7, Remote Cutoff Pentode, 2, CEI, 6SK7GT .