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Business Law - What is an incorporator?
An incorporator (which is known as a promoter in some states) is the person or entity in charge of setting up the corporation and filing the articles of incorporation .

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Incorporator - What is an Incorporator
Description of the job of an incorporator in setting up a corporation.

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What is an Incorporator
An Incorporator is the person or business entity that prepares, files and signs the Articles of Incorporation (for Corporations) or Articles of Organization (for LLCs) .

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organ use in medieval times: what is an incorporator - Henge in Scotland in Fife

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FAQs Incorporating |
The incorporator is simply the person that files the articles of incorporation. . The incorporator must be old enough to legally enter into contracts. If Active Filings .

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Incorporation Nevada LLC- FAQ
Incorporating; What are "Articles of Incorporation"; What is an Incorporator? Can my Nevada corporation do business in my home state? What are bylaws?

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What is the difference between corporator and incorporator
Incorporator. An incorporator is one of a group of people who gets a company incorporated; one of the original corporators. Click Here. First answer by Doniels.

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Legal e-Source FAQs
What or who is an incorporator? How do I change my articles of incorporation? What is franchise tax? Is an out-of-state corporation required to file with the .

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Henge in Fife

Prepare and customize your California homestead declaration in ...
Finally, the Articles of Incorporation must be signed by the incorporator. The incorporator is the person who creates the corporate existence by signing and filing .

Definition of Incorporator | Small Business -
A business needs to be incorporated if it is to be established as a corporation. An incorporator, also called a promoter, is the individual, corporation or .

Incorporation FAQ - Canada-AB - LawDepot Law Library
Sep 29, 2011 . 6.1 Q. What is an Incorporator? 6.2 Q. What is a Director? 6.3 Q. What is a Shareholder? 6.4 Q. What is an Officer? 6.5 Q. What are common .

Definition of Incorporator |
Definition of Incorporator. If you decide to incorporate your business, you'll be required to select an incorporator. The duties of an incorporator are necessary .

Secretary of State :: Business Services
Can an incorporator be removed from the articles of incorporation? Answer: No, an incorporator can not be removed. You can only remove officers. Back to top .

Nonprofit FAQ - LINC Ohio - Legal Information for Nonprofit ...
An incorporator is someone who creates any kind of corporation. S/he signs legal . The incorporators may or may not be the first directors (trustees) or officers.

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Child Custody and Visitation
address of each incorporator, and e) the primary purpose or purposes for which the . items that may be included and an incorporator should discuss the matter .

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Register private company
Each incorporator is a first director of the company. The company has an option of deciding whether to appoint an auditor or not. Registered private companies .

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Arkansas Secretary of State: Business Services FAQ
What or who is an incorporator? An incorporator is the person responsible for filing the articles of incorporation. It may or may not be an officer, shareholder or .

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Business Law - What is an incorporator?
An incorporator is the person who initially sets up a corporation. Copyright 2005-2012 QuizLaw GP | Disclaimer - Legal Information Does Not Constitute Legal .

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Looking west across the henge

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Incorporators Organizational Meeting FAQ - United States ...
May 11, 2011 . Once the Articles of Incorporation are filed and a Certificate of Incorporation is received, the corporation should hold the organizational .

Understanding Nonprofit Formation
The incorporator is the person or company preparing and filing the . Many states require the name and signature and address of the incorporator in the .

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Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofits | Citizen Media Law Project
Sep 30, 2008 . An incorporator is the person preparing and filing the formation documents with the state. Most states require the name and signature of the .

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How Do I Prepare Corporate Resolutions? - 1Stop Legal Forms
When the incorporator adopts bylaws, the bylaws set forth the manner for calling board meetings and giving notice of those meetings. The directors must follow .

South Carolina Secretary of State: Business Filings FAQs
The incorporator is the person who submits the articles of incorporation for a corporation to the . 33) Is the incorporator the owner or a director of the entity?

Corporations FAQs - Tennessee Department of State: Business ...
What Is An Incorporator? The incorporator is the person that files the charter of the corporation. The incorporator must be of legal age to enter into contracts.

Application for Articles of Incorporation | Small Business -
An incorporator is responsible for organizing a corporation and filing the company's articles of incorporation with the state. An incorporator may be a person or a .

Incorporation Garris and Company, PC - Certified Public ...
An incorporator is not legally required to use an attorney to establish a corporation (except in South Carolina), but it is strongly recommended that one be .

David F. Swensen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At Yale, where he teaches endowment management at Yale College and at the Yale School of Management, he is a fellow of Berkeley College, an incorporator .

Articles of Incorporation Information - Oregon Secretary of State ...
The incorporator is simply the person that files the articles of incorporation. . The incorporator must be old enough to legally enter into contracts. If a lawyer .

Vermont Secretary of State - Corporations: Vermont Corporations ...
This is the final step in a process that begins when one or more incorporators sign and . Any individual who is at least 18 years old may act as an incorporator.

What Is the Difference Between Director & Incorporator? |
What Is the Difference Between Director & Incorporator?. Both incorporators and directors play important roles with regards to corporate entities. Typically, the .

Delaware Incorporation/ Online Incorporating/ Delaware LLC ...
The Articles are signed by an Incorporator, and this process is called Incorporation. A Corporation is owned by its Shareholders, managed by its Board of .

Divorce can be a traumatic and c
To bring a corporation to life, a person (an incorporator), must file the articles of incorporation. The articles of incorporation represent the official documents for .

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers - Corporations Canada
These persons are called incorporators. An incorporator (individual or corporation) may form a corporation whose shareholders, officers and directors are other .

For a corporation, the amendment must be signed by an officer, incorporator ( only if no officers or . How do I change the incorporator of my corporation? Do I file .

+ Corporations - Missouri Business Portal: Frequently Asked ...
A corporation may have one or more incorporators who must be a "natural person" and at . The incorporator or incorporators sign and deliver the articles of .

Denver Colorado Business Lawyer / Attorney |Business Law Virtual ...
What is the Incorporator (in a corporation) or the Organizer (in a LLC)? I have heard of something called piercing the corporate veil - what is it exactly and am I at .

Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America
Delano also was an original incorporator of the Brookings Institution and the . These foundations incorporators have been closely linked with the Federal .

Form a Corporation: Business Incorporation & Corporation FAQ
What is an Incorporator? 10. What are Bylaws? 11. What is . The incorporator is the individual filing the articles of incorporation. The incorporator's duties end .

Q & A: Certificate of Incorporation | HBS Delaware Corporation ...
Jan 16, 2012 . The name and mailing address of the incorporator . An Incorporator is an individual that forms a Corporation on behalf of the directors by filing .

Frequently Asked Questions - Corporate Online
Yes, subject to section 51.3 of the Business Corporations Act, an incorporator for an unlimited liability company is liable. When an incorporator enters into an .

Incorporate in Oregon - Steps to Incorporate in Oregon
The name and complete address (including city, state, and zip code) of each incorporator of the corporation. The incorporator is the individual who is filing the .

I incorporated a not-for-profit organization and appointed 3 members ...
I incorporated a not-for-profit organization (religious/cultural) in January of 2004. I was the incorporator and I appointed 3 other members to the board of directors .

Indiana Corporations Incorporating Indiana
Indiana corporations are separate legal entities established by the shareholders. The shareholders elect to have an incorporator make the action to incorporate .

Who can be an incorporator of a Corporation? 9. What is the Address of Record of a Corporation? 10. What is the Principle Place of Business of a non-resident .

Incorporation FAQ - Canada-BC - LawDepot Law Library
Sep 29, 2011 . 5.2 Q. What is a records office? 6 Terminology. 6.1 Q. What is a Resident Canadian? 6.2 Q. What is an Incorporator? 6.3 Q. What is a Director?

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  • - Liability of Incorporators of a Corporation
    A recent query concerns the liability of incorporators (incorporators are basically the stockholders who created the company, with their names appearing in the .

  • Forming a Private Company
    This is an agreement between the incorporator (or incorporators) and the company. . The incorporator must agree to take at least one share of the company and .

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    "what is an incorporator" | humour of getting lost | 3 News and Comments

    Corporations - Creation - North San Diego - Law Office of Stan Prowse
    The incorporator's job is to write articles of incorporation, sometimes called a . In the articles the incorporator states the name of the corporation, its purpose, the .

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    Contractor and Construction Business Corporation Setup and Filing ...
    To be formed, an Incorporator must file Articles of Incorporation and pay the requisite state fees and prepaid taxes with the appropriate state agency (usually, the .

    Corporations Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
    The incorporators will have to decide whether to form a domestic corporation in . The incorporator(s) should conduct a name search, including possible trade .

    What Is the Difference Between Director & Incorporator? |
    What Is the Difference Between Director & Incorporator?. Both incorporators and directors play important roles with regards to corporate entities. Typically, the .

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    Re: what is an incorporator (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, 21 June 2006 - FAQs
    Who is the Incorporator? Who are the directors? . Once the company has been incorporated, the duties of the incorporator officially end. Who are the directors?

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    The Registered Agent - Starting and Running a Nonprofit
    The incorporator, on the other hand, literally prepares the articles of . The incorporator might be your lawyer, a consultant you asked to assist with the process, .

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    Maryland Corporation - LegalZoom
    Listing Requirements - The name and address of each person incorporating in Maryland must be listed, along with a statement by each incorporator that he or .

    VOICES Victim Services - Incorporators
    Incoporator and Founder of V.O.I.C.E.S. Victim Services, Anita J. Cantrell, was born in the state of Missouri. She and her family moved to Oklahoma in 1968.!/incorporators.html

    What is an LLC? - Florida Business Incorporators
    What is a Florida Limited Liability Company? What are the advantages of a Florida LLC? What are the characteristics of a Florida LLC? What are the Articles of .

    US Visa Services and American Citizenship Information
    Yes, generally a foreign person can form a corporation. The corporation is formed by an incorporator initially, often a lawyer, who will then resign in favor of the .

    IMPORTANT NOTES: Please do not use this web site if you do not agree to our horse and cell phone ringtones.

    Corporation - Delaware Corporate Services Inc.
    A Delaware corporation is formed when an incorporator properly files a certificate of incorporation in the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware.

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    Justia :: Articles Of Amendment To Articles Of Incorporation (Florida ...
    The original incorporators cannot be amended. If amending the name of the corporation, the new name must be distinguishable on the records of the Florida .

    Incorporation | Incorporate | NUANS | Trademark | Domain Names ...
    The meeting can be called by an incorporator or a director and it is recommended that it be held as soon as possible. Each director must be notified in writing in .